The Best Facial Mask Does Wonders for Your Beauty

The Best Facial Mask

Choose the best facial mask as part of your skin care routine.  Skin care is needed not only to maintain the beautiful appearance but also the health of the skin. However, gentle facial skin needs much more than a nutritional cream to stay nice and healthy.


Facial mask is very beneficial for your skin

If used regularly, clay mask can be very beneficial for skin. It can be said that facial clay mask can do wonders for beauty of your face.

Facial mask should be used at least once a week. Whether it is a mud mask or clay mask, it will make your skin smooth, soft and bright.

Beauty Benefits of a Clay Mask

If you have not already tried facial clay mask, you should definitely try it, and it is likely that you will never use another facial mask.

The main function of clay is to draw toxins out of the skin. Clay is a fine-grained soil, produced by decomposition of rocks rich in silica, as well as in thermal springs. Contains minerals, aluminum, silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, nickel and other metals. Small crystals of clay minerals have the ability to bind to themselves organic molecules, fats and metabolic waste products. While absorbing waste products, clay simultaneously releasing oligoelements, such as zinc, iron, manganese ... and thereby improves skin metabolism. Clay mask draw harmful substances out of the skin, including excess fat. Facial clay mask gives valuable minerals to the skin, gently moves the layer of dead skin cells (mild scrub), and cleans the pores of the skin.


Facial mask based on green clay is best suited for oily skin and is considered to be the most curative of all clays. It is also the most widely used. Use green clay mask with the finest particles (usually costs more than the clay with coarse particles).

Facial clay mask based on white clay (kaolin) is suitable for very sensitive skin. It is a purified clay and is most used in the field of pharmacy. It has great power of the absorption and very fine particles, soft like powder. In general, kaolin is used in powder for better absorption.

How Does a Mud Mask Affect the Skin?

Facial mask based on mud can be very useful for the skin. A mud mask has been used since ancient times. Mud cools the skin and cleans it, and, considering that is the organic origin, mud provides skin with nutrients.

Different types of mud mask are used in beauty treatments. There are:

-          Volcanic mud mask -this mud is very nourishing for the skin.

-          Black mud - it stimulates the skin to regenerate and preserves your youthful look.

-          Alpine mud - It comes from the alpine forests. Alpine mud is a combination of a number of compounds of carbon, which thoroughly cleanse your skin.


Choose the best mask for your skin

Everyone's skin requires special care, which is suitable specifically for that type of skin. Facial mask, whether it is a mud mask or clay mask, will be beneficial for all skin types. There is a wide selection of masks, you only need to find one that best suits the specific requirements of your skin.


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