Beard Oil - Best Kept Secret of a Well-Groomed Man

You Need Beard Oil

Guys! Do you have a Beard, Mustache or Goatee?

Is your facial hair Dull, Unruly, Coarse, Musty, Flaky with Beard Dandruff?

Sounds like you?  Do you want hair that is Softer and Smoother, Moisturized and Conditioned, Shiny and Manageable, Fresh Smelling and Free of Beard Dandruff.

Would you like to encourage and enjoy Reduced dry skin; Reduced acne bumps; Less itchy skin; Moisturized skin and Healthy hair growth.

Did you know that BEARD OIL is the SECRET to a Well-Groomed Beard?

A lot of men don't know they should use this beard product for a well-groomed beard or mustache. It's like a well kept secret for guys who always look great.
Also, women don't like dry, rough beards or mustaches.  When you use Bio-Sys Gents beard care oil, your significant other can snuggle and touch because your beard feels and smells so good.

Why Use Bio-Sys Gents Beard Care Product?

  • ·         BIO-SYS GENTS IS THE BEST KEPT SECRET AND FAVORITE CHOICE of well-groomed men and Style Experts.  Enjoy facial hair and skin that is softer, smoother, moisturized, conditioned, shiny, manageable and fresh smelling. Reduce dry skin, acne bumps, beard itch and beard dandruff
  • ·         EXPERIENCE THE CLEAN, refreshing, intoxicating but subtle fragrance of BioSys Gents Rugged Scent.  The scent is unique and classic like an expensive men's cologne without the expensive price tag.  It leaves you smelling fresh, clean and manly. It's hard to describe but a pleasure to experience.  There is something captivating about a "Rugged" man.  WARNING: May cause unwanted advances and admiring stares. We are not responsible for the beard touching or sniffing that may occur.  Just Enjoy!
  • ·         ESSENTIAL IN MAINTAINING ALL BEARD TYPES, styles and textures at any point during the growth of your beard, mustache or goatee.  Step out with confidence and wear your mustache, goatee and beard "Like a Boss"
  • ·         ABSOLUTELY THE FINEST BEARD CARE OIL - Custom Made in the USA .  Natural organic ingredients combined such as Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Vitamin E, Hempseed and Essential Oils make this a uniquely powerful and luxurious treatment formula. Our beard care product is designed to be lightweight, keeping your beard conditioned and shiny, not weighed down or feeling greasy
  • ·         REDUCES SKIN IRRITATION by keeping your pores clean and skin hydrated.  Promotes the growth of healthy facial hair.  Perfect for sensitive skin and won't leave your skin or hair feeling greasy or oily.
  • ·         CAREFULLY PACKAGED Dark Amber Glass Bottle Protects from Oxidation and Preserves Potency and Freshness. Glass Eye Dropper allows for Easy Application and avoids waste.  Makes a perfect gift.

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NOTE:  Our Beard Care Oil is all-natural and not greasy or heavy like Beard Balm.  Get it here!

Well-Groomed Men Use Beard Oil

Mmmmmm...You feel and smell so good!

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Bio-Sys Gents beard grooming oil is perfect for daily beard care and skin treatment. Give your beard a chance and celebrate your individuality and manliness! Avoid dry skin, beardruff, acne bumps and stunted hair growth , itching and discomfort by properly moisturizing and conditioning your skin and facial hair with the best oil available.  Then go out like a Boss!

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